[CSP] Preliminary Exam – Wily or Candid?

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You might have heard of or might even have met people who are wily or candid but can the same adjectives be used to describe a screening test? Going by the villain the CSP is made out to be, it shall not be an exaggeration to label it wily though!

But before we conjure up an image of CSP as that of a sly fox out to devour the gullible and the unsuspecting candidates, let us have a look at some of the numbers given below:-

Pre numbers

As it is easier to grasp the facts when presented visually, let us put the above information in a bar graph and see what it reveals.

Pre Candidates


Roughly half of the candidates who apply for CS(P), do not actually take the examination.

Now let us take the inference forward. Even though there is no empirical data to prove or disprove it, it can be safely assumed that of the remaining half only a fraction of the candidates actually come prepared to take the test. The real competition, therefore, is among a lakh or so candidates, give or take few thousands. And that is far below the number of candidates that just apply for the test.

CSP is not only a test of your knowledge but it tests some of your innate qualities. You have to disabuse yourself of the notion that about 10 lakh candidates take the CSP and that you cannot compete with them this year. Depend on it, same thoughts shall cross your mind next year and even during rest of the following years if you continue to demonize the CSP! 

Finally, it is undeniable that with the range of knowledge that CSP tests, it can trip even the experienced and confident candidates but it is not as deceitful as it is made out to be. All it requires is focussed and smart preparation because all you have to do it to clear the cut-off and not top the CSP!

Stay tuned with us and we shall hand-hold you through the CSP! Depend on it!

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